Oral Sex 6 things he needs from you when giving you head

It can be incredibly satisfying receiving oral sex from someone who knows exactly what he is doing down there. But just because he is doing the work, does not mean there are no requirement for you.

Here are six things he needs you to consider while he goes down on you.

 Guide him
Feel free to guide him to where he needs to be. Gently move his head so he hits that spot. Don't forget to give that sweet moan of approval when he gets it.

 Let him know you are not feeling it
If you know that orgasm is unlikely, then you need to be open about that. He wants to please you and make you cum, it is unfair to leave him struggling down there when you know your body will not be responding the way he expects.

 Tend to your area
Whether or not you want to shave your pubic hair is really your choice, just keep in mind that things are bound to get uncomfortable if he is down there and your hair is choking him.

Use your words
Remember, his mouth is too busy at this time, so he will need you to use your words since he cannot ask you what you want. Instead of grabbing his hands around, how about you actually tell him to pinch your nipples during the act.

 Let go
You need to get into it so he knows you are feeling him. Touch yourself, moan, give him encouragement, the point is that you let him know you are enjoying it. This can be a turn on for him and makes it more likely that he pleases you this way more often.

It is also important that you give him a heads up when you are about to cum. A lot of women clench their legs during orgasm and if you are going to be squeezing his head with your thighs, he needs to prepare so he gets out of harm's way.

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