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Aregbesola Finally Reveals Why He Sacked All Doctors In Osun State

Yesterday, the Osun state government technically relieved the doctors in its employmen of their jobs.
The Chairmn, special committee on health, Dr. Simon Afolayan has announced a press conference, that the state considered that the striking doctors had resigned their appointments.
He said:-

“Doctors are part of the civil service and by the civil
service rule, you cannot abandon your duty post for 6 months without
reason and not face the consequences. If you do so, it is deemed that
you have resigned your appointment. This rule has taken effect!”

Afolayan also said that the state could not afford to pay the doctor’s salaries in full due to the financial crisis of the state, of which the doctors embarked on an indefinite strike last year over payment of half salaries and demand for better condition of service.

According to Afolayan, out of over 39,000 workers in the state civil
service, doctors were less than 100. He described the demands of the
doctors as impossible to meet; saying there would be anarchy in the
state if the government paid full salaries to doctors and half salaries
to other civil servants.

He added that:-

“The doctors have remained recalcitrant despite all
entreaties by leading lights of the medical profession. They refused the
popular agreement, what should government do? How can we reverse a
decision accented to and agreed with by over 39,000 workers because
about 100 people are dissatisfied?”.

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