Address me as “Mr Governor” from Jan 2016 – Niger Gov

Governor Abubakar Bello of Niger State, has directed that as from January 2016, he should be addressed simply as “Mr Governor.”
Governor Bello said he has decided to drop the title of “Executive Governor.”
Governor Abubakar Bello
Governor Abubakar Bello
He made public his new designation on Monday during the swearing in ceremony of five new Niger State High Court Judges at the Government House, Minna.

The Governor also directed that all “insignia, seal, emblem, letter heads and complementary cards” should drop the designation of “Executive Governor”, while he is simply addressed as “Governor of Niger State.”
“At this point, I find it necessary to inform everyone that henceforth, starting from 1st of January 2016, the Governor shall be addressed as simply ‘the Governor of Niger State and not as the Executive Governor’,” he said
The Governor’s directive was received with wide ovation from dignitaries at the event.

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